Albuquerque Bankruptcy Attorney

Albuquerque Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing a foreclosure or wage garnishment? Receiving collection calls from creditors? Unable to make your debt payments? Bankruptcy may be a solution to your problems. Call now for a free consultation 505-633-6696.

I am an Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney, and my name is Christopher Dziak, a partner with Findlay & Dziak, LLC. As a New Mexico debt relief firm, we help individuals file for bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy Code. My firm and I help individuals facing a variety of issues including foreclosures, judgments, lawsuits, repossessions, harassing creditors, and other financial problems. If your case involves credit card debt, medical bills, mortgage arrears, property taxes, or IRS tax debts, then bankruptcy may be a solution and we can help. Call our office now, or use the contact form on this page and I will personally contact you as soon as possible. Your fresh start begins now.

Choose the right Albuquerque Bankruptcy Attorney

Your bankruptcy attorney will be an important part of making sure your bankruptcy filing goes smoothly. Make sure you can be honest with your attorney because the attorney drafts the petition based on the information you provide; he or she will help you ensure that your petition is filled out and submitted to the court accurately and correctly. An experienced attorney will competently represent you against creditors and before the bankruptcy trustee.

Christopher Dziak and our associates can help you through this process. We’ve dedicated ourselves to this bankruptcy practice and clients. Unlike other bankruptcy services, clients will be dealing directly with an attorney. Findlay & Dziak, LLC strives to provide excellent customer service and legal representation. With Christopher Dziak your case will get the attention it deserves. Our goal is to get our clients back on the path to financial freedom.

Having a bankruptcy attorney with local experience is important because bankruptcy law can vary from state to state; you need someone that is committed to keeping up to date with changes in the law. Your attorney will be working closely with you throughout this process and will need to know all of your financial details.

Findlay & Dziak, LLC devotes countless hours to its clients, reviewing the information provided, to draft a complete and accurate petition. Spending the time to make a complete and accurate representation of your assets, creditors, income, and expenses makes the process smooth; every petition our office files must be able to withstand scrutiny from the trustee assigned to your case. We will be sure to apply the applicable bankruptcy exemptions and provide an accounting of income and expenses based on the information you provide us.

We strive to provide excellent customer service; we want you to get the fresh start you deserve. We know that bankruptcy is a hard decision to make. Give us a call now to see if bankruptcy makes sense in your situation.